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About Pardazesh Gostar Co.

In line with customer-orientation policies and maintain the acquired credit, the guarantee center of Pixel is equipped with modern troubleshooting and repair facilities and offers the following services:
* Repair and guarantee of laptops include Motherboards. graphics, chargers, batteries, hard, sound cards, graphic cards, etc.
* Repair and guarantee of tablets include: Solving problems such as law speed, power bottom breakdown, charge problems, light problems. law touch, noise, software flash, etc.
• Replace defective parts such as touches, LCDS, frames, speakers, microphones, batteries. cliarge sockets, cameras, hard, charge ICs, feeding ICs, android upgrade. Ram installations, etc.
Repair and guarantee of all-in-ones include:
Troubleshooting of internal chips and their replacement (if required), replacement and repair of kinds of CPU, Ram, and other internal parts, testing physical soundness of hard disks and their replacement (if required)
• Specialized Repair GHAI AME IVAAV



Mr. AhmadHosseiny

Mr. AhmadHosseiny is the managing director and chairperson of the Board of Directors. He received his bachelor’s degree in the field of software engineering. He has been working with the company since 2017.


Mr. Afshin Yazdani

Mr. Afshin Yazdani: Barrister & Solicitor, Corporate counsel, member of the Law Society of Ontario